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Thank you for keeping Mondoweiss going–and growing!

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Last month, Mondoweiss reminded you that reporting is resistance; reporting spreads resistance; reporting advances resistance. We asked you and thousands of other readers to support Mondoweiss’s leadership in reporting and advancing resistance to oppression of Palestinians in Palestine and in the diaspora. We are grateful that your response was generous and thoughtful—both financial contributions and moral support flooded in.

Today, less than a week after Donald Trump’s inauguration as president of the United States, it is apparent that the challenges will be even greater than anticipated. January 2017 has empowered anti-Muslim speech, government policy and even violence. Moreover, those who promote the most narrow, supremacist vision for both the U.S. and Palestine have declared war on facts as well as people.

In the face of “alternative facts” and unprecedented obfuscation, Mondoweiss’s unceasing dedication to telling the truth is more important than ever. For those who will be fighting back, effective campaigning will require more of what Mondoweiss delivers: independent, accurate news and analysis.

Your support will allow Mondoweiss to continue reporting, add new features and channels for information, and reach out to more people who need accurate journalism. We are grateful that for the third year in a row, our year-end campaign to support Mondoweiss’s work set new records for both number of donations and total dollars contributed. Your support exceeded our $120,000 goal by more than 20 percent!

The team at Mondoweiss is privileged to devote our time and energy to telling the truth about Palestine. As our work develops further, we’ll have to ask for help again but for now: THANK YOU.

Oh, one more thing: In case you missed our collection of 2016’s best reporting, check out In dark times, it can make a real difference to see examples of bravery by people constantly under siege.

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Tova Perlmutter is Mondoweiss’s Director of Development and Outreach, Tova’s responsibility is to increase income, but also to help connect the members of our community in useful and rewarding ways.

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9 Responses

  1. JLewisDickerson
    January 26, 2017, 6:14 pm

    You’re quite welcome, Tova/Mondoweiss!

    P.S. While I’m at it, I’ve got some people I’d like to thank:
    Thank you for feeding us years of lies.
    Thank you for the wars you left us to fight.
    Thank you for the world you ruined overnight.
    But we’ll be fine, yeah we’ll be fine. . .
    . . . We are the ones, the ones you left behind.
    Don’t tell us how, tell us how to live our lives . . .

  2. JWalters
    January 26, 2017, 9:10 pm

    “Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!” – Cardinal Ximinez (In Monty Python show)

    Nor the many other massive injustices, including the Holocaust and the Catastrophe.

    And nobody expected the internet. Which is a game-changer for the resistance in their fight for justice. I appreciate the skill and dedication of the staff at Mondoweiss in wielding this powerful new tool for truth, and the contributions of the many others who add to the effort.

  3. Citizen
    January 27, 2017, 4:49 am

    Good news!

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