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Israel’s attempts to silence truth show our reporting makes a difference

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This week, Mondoweiss is continuing our series of posts by journalists on the ground in Palestine, They Fear The Truth—We Report It.” We are honored to share the stories they have written describing how the Israeli government seeks to control, suppress and silence their reporting.

Despite the targeting and abuse by Israel, “There is a strange insistence that grows within us on covering and conveying the truth,” as Lana Shaheen, a reporter for Al-Mayadin TV, told Mondoweiss.

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Mondoweiss is proud that day in and day out, by publishing articles, photos and videos covering events in Palestine, we support the work of brave journalists and its impact toward dismantling apartheid in Israel/Palestine. As a reader-supported nonprofit, we are able to pay dedicated, talented reporters only because of contributions from people like you. Please donate to Mondoweiss today to invest in our work informing the world of events in Palestine.

In the coming days, we’ll share more examples of attacks on journalists. The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), an independent nonprofit dedicated to defending journalists’ rights worldwide to report without reprisal, monitors eight types of government action against journalists. They track cases where journalists are

  • Attacked [physically]
  • Censored
  • Expelled
  • Harassed
  • Imprisoned
  • Killed
  • Subject to Legal Action, or
  • Threatened.

Every one of these kinds of violation has been documented on the part of Israel—some by Mondoweiss, some by CPJ and other independent watchdogs. Mondoweiss will continue to publish reports on these incidents, to alert the world to the actions of Israel. We know that you share our outrage that the country committing all these violations still claims to be the region’s “only democracy.” But you know as well as we do: outrage must not give way to despair.

Israel would like my stories never to see the light of day. But because of Mondoweiss, people all over the world learn the truth of what I and my colleagues report. —Reporter Ahmad Kabariti. Photo: Mohamed Asad, 2017.

Every effort to silence the truth shows the urgent need to invest in more truth-telling. We ask today that you donate to help Mondoweiss continue and increase our work informing the world of what happens in Palestine, and how U.S. policy underwrites the oppression.

“To work as a journalist in Palestine means to expect at any moment injury, arrest, or even death,” writes Al Quds TV reporter Linda Shalash. “Why do I keep reporting despite the danger and abuse? What helps me continue is the courage I get from others. I am privileged to do meaningful work that has the capacity to change injustice. If I face death in order to help build a better tomorrow—well, there is no more important cause for which to take such a risk.”

Between overt censorship, physical intimidation and the culture of silencing all dissent, Israel is working harder and harder to try to control reporting and other discourse. During the 2014 Gaza war, 17 journalists were killed despite wearing press badges and driving marked vehicles. And recently, an independent watchdog of media repression reported 429 Israeli violations against journalists in Gaza and the West Bank in a single year. Their attacks are intensifying because they are scared. The panic is obvious.

This week, we’ll share the experiences of Hamde Abu Rahme, a Palestinian who became a photojournalist in response to the near-fatal shooting of his brother and the killing of his cousin, both at non-violent protests in the West Bank.

Every time Israel seeks to silence brave reporters and photographers, their fear testifies that our work is making a difference. Please give today to Mondoweiss, so we can keep publishing the work of gifted journalists and keep Israel’s defenders shaking in their shoes.

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