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Israel, are you a real state?

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This week, three things related to Israel made my jaw drop:

1)     It turned out that centrist Israeli lawmaker (deputy minister and former Ambassador to the US) Michael Oren had not merely opined that the Tamimi family was “not a real family”, but that he had initiated a parliamentary committee investigation into this matter, already 2 years ago.

2)    Palestinian-Israeli lawmakers were expelled from Israel’s parliament plenum during US Vice President Mike Pence’s speech, for lifting signs of protest.Their expulsion took about 10 seconds from the moment they lifted signs, and the rest of the crowd cheered.

3)     The publication by Israeli journalist Ronen Bergman (in The New York Times), of how Israel in the 1980s was so bent on assassinating Yasser Arafat, that it was willing to bomb a crowded stadium in Beirut where he was to speak, willing to down commercial airliners if he was aboard, and willing to have Israeli journalists killed (including Uri Avnery) as collateral, if they could only provide a trail to him when meeting the Palestinian leader.

And that’s just in one week. Where do you even start, right? Let’s start with Michael Oren.

Michael Oren and the Tamimi family

Haaretz revealed that Oren had been heading an inquiry by a Knesset subcommittee two years ago, into whether the Tamimis were a “real family”. The inquiry “didn’t reach unequivocal conclusions,” and was prompted by suspicions that the family from the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh was “not genuine, and was specially put together for propaganda” purposes by the Palestinians, a statement issued by Oren’s office said. “The incident with the Tamimi family is simply exploitation of children,” the statement added.

The final assessment of the investigation was that it “apparently is a family, but slowly, [other] children who fit the profile they sought were ‘annexed’ to it,” a spokeswoman for Oren told Haaretz. Nevertheless, she added, “there was no unequivocal conclusion on the matter.”

Oren told Haaretz that the subcommittee also investigated many other aspects of “the Tamimi phenomenon. For instance, there was a boy who ostensibly belonged to the family but has rather disappeared. He would come to demonstrations one day with a cast on his right hand and the next day with a cast on his left or no cast.”

He said the committee looked into whether “members of the family were chosen for their appearance” – blond, blue-eyed and light-skinned. “Also clothing. A real costume. American dress in every respect, not Palestinian, with backward baseball caps. Even Europeans don’t wear backward baseball caps. It was all ready; after a provocation or a brawl the posters would come out,” he said. “It was all prepared. It’s what’s known as Pallywood.”

Alright, that’s quite a mouthful there. How much racist garbage can you utter in one go? Once again, it’s hard to know where to begin. But Oren provides us with a suggestion – the “fake cast” allegation. Yesterday, he posted on social media (Facebook and Twitter) the following (in Hebrew):

“A boy of 12 takes a photo with a cast on the right arm, the next day with a cast on left arm. You tell me if it’s not funded and directed? The Tamimi family is part of the “Pallywood” industry, which sends children to confront IDF soldiers in order to cause PR damage to Israel, for money”.

As proof for his allegation, Oren posted a dual photo of the Tamimis. Yet it was obvious for anyone with a few brain cells, that the photo was an identical mirror image. When comments about glaring idiocy started filling the thread, Oren took down the photo, but preserved the text (the photo has been preserved by others, I have posted the screengrab on my Facebook wall).

Oren is now the laughing stock of Israel and Palestine:

Journalist John Brown posted a meme with the famous ‘The Shining’ twin girls, both bearing Oren’s face. They say, in Hebrew, “Is it a mirror image?” – “No, I think we’re twins”.

Michael Schaeffer Omer-Man asks in +972 Magazine, whether Oren is a “real person”. He joked that “For the past two years, +972 Magazine has been conducting a secret investigation into whether Michael Oren, Israel’s alleged former ambassador to the United States, is “a real person” or just an actor playing a character invented by Israel’s hasbara agencies. The investigation did not reach any unequivocal conclusions.”

Ahed’s father, Bassem, is laughing his socks off. “How did such a fool get to be your ambassador to the United States?” he asked. “How does the State of Israel allow such a thing? If that’s your elite, I’m not sure how you manage to beat us.”

Damn right, Bassem. I’m sure your daughter Ahed and your wife Nariman will hear about this, even though they are in prison. You have to have something to laugh about, and Oren is the clown of the week. And he’s worried about PR damage to Israel? He’s a master at creating it!

I don’t need to waste time on elucidating more of Oren’s racist talk about the Tamimi’s “appearance”, that they wear “American clothes” and that they wear “backward baseball caps” which “even Europeans” supposedly wouldn’t do… It’s so moronic, it speaks volumes for itself.

But it’s not all laughs. These people get to keep their seats. People like Michael Oren – or lawmaker Oren Hazan, who calls relatives of Palestinian prisoners  “beasts”, “dogs” and “human scum”, who calls for executing Palestinian family members of one who killed Jewish settlers. As Ravit Hecht noted in Haaretz, Member of Knesset Hazan freely curses and defiles the Knesset with utterances like “I’ll kick you,” and “If you don’t have money for a flight, I’ll buy you a ticket we’ll throw you out of here” – which he yelled at Palestinian Member of Knesset Jamal Zahalka.

And this brings us to point 2:

The expulsion of Palestinian-Israeli lawmakers from Israeli Knesset

Ravit Hecht’s piece in Haaretz was titled, “Removal of Arab Lawmakers During Pence’s Speech: A Sad Moment for Israeli Democracy – The brutal removal of Arab MKs to the applause from the remaining lawmakers symbolizes the removal of 20 percent of the population living here from the circle of citizens”. Hecht writes:

“What an achievement, what a pleasure: The Knesset is rid of Arabs. This is the essence of Israel, its true face in the harsh sunlight of the Middle East. Joint List lawmakers get thrown out of the plenum because of a nonviolent and not especially rude protest. The audience’s enthusiasm is particularly sad.”

Odeh Bisharat, also in Haaretz, was even stronger: “With Pence Visiting, It Took 10 Seconds and the Knesset Was Empty of Arabs – Even the Israeli president tossed statesmanship aside and enthusiastically applauded the disgraceful scene”, his piece was titled.

He opined that Pence “was likely enthralled by its prowess; in just 10 seconds, “our forces” had overpowered “the enemy” and the Knesset was cleared of Arabs and their Jewish supporters.”

Even NBC diplomatic correspondent Andrea Mitchell remarked strongly: “Can you imagine Capitol Police dragging members of the congressional black caucus off the House floor?”

For those who still believe in the myth of “Israeli democracy”, I suppose that horrid moment could have brought associations to the scene in Star Wars, where the supposedly ‘liberal’ Chancellor Palpatine, who is the Dark Sith Lord, takes over the Republic, reforming it into the “1st Galactic Empire”, followed by roaring ovations from the galactic politicians. That’s when Padmé Amidala says to her aide: “So this is how liberty dies –  with thunderous applause”.

Perhaps it is better to say, in the Israeli case at hand, that this is how the illusion of liberty dies, and Israeli Apartheid comes out to full daylight.

And then we are sent back to history, by Ronen Bergman’s account of Israeli barbarism in early 1980’s.

Israeli state terrorism in 1980’s

Israeli Journalist Ronen Bergman’s account of what went on in early 1980’s when Israel was bent on assassinating Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat has come out in The New York Times. It’s a long and important read, it just takes a while to reach the horrid details. Haaretz has cut to the chase in an editorial:

“Blowing up commercial airliners carrying wounded Palestinians, bombing Beirut’s stadium and approving the killing of Israeli journalists: Book by Israeli journalist reveals history of assassination attempts against Yasser Arafat by Ariel Sharon and band of special agents he set up”.

Bergman explains in detail, how these things almost happened, but were averted, almost by miracle, by a last- minute hesitation of various commanders. Nonetheless the essential point of it (which I believe Bergman does not hasten to accentuate), is that these were actual planned operations, some of them set in motion. Once, a private aircraft Arafat was believed to have boarded was almost downed over the Mediterranean. It was not Arafat, but rather his brother, whom the Mossad mistook to be Arafat; and aboard the plane were 30 wounded Palestinian children who had survived the massacres of Sabra and Shatila. Sharon would have massacred them twice, that is.

Israeli fighter jets were scrambled several times in 1982-3, also in an effort to down commercial airliners Arafat was believed to be on. Locations over the Mediterranean were selected, where depth would make a salvage operation very hard, reducing to a minimum the danger of Israeli culpability being revealed. One wonders whether another Arafat look-alike may have been on one of those, and what would have happened if there was just a bit less hesitation from the operative commanders.

‘Kill them all’

Bergman notes how in 1979, in response to a Palestinian terror attack launched from Lebanon against an Israeli family in northern Israel, Chief of Staff Rafael Eitan said “kill them all”, referring to PLO members in Lebanon. Eitan set up a clandestine assassination force headed by Meir Dagan, the man who would go on to head Israel’s Mossad, a force audaciously and cynically called the “Front for the Liberation of Lebanon From Foreigners.” The force, which ran “almost entirely without the authorization or knowledge” of the defense establishment or the government, according to Bergman, also had a plan to detonate a bomb in the Beirut stadium where the Palestinian leadership was planning an event. Nonetheless Prime Minister Begin reportedly knew of the plan, and decided eventually to nix it, although Sharon was poised to go ahead.

And then Sharon of course pushed for the 1982 invasion called “Peace of Galilee”, which turned out to be the devastation of Lebanon – all in order to foil a “Palestinian peace offensive”, as military analyst Avner Yaniv phrased it. At the time the PLO was moving dangerously close to the international consensus regarding the peaceful solution to the ‘Israeli-Palestinian conflict’, which posed the ‘danger’ of leading to a Palestinian state on 22% of historical Palestine. Sharon would not have it. He wanted Palestinians chased away to Jordan to make it a ‘Palestinian state’, hence forcing any Palestinian claims to areas within Israel’s control to be relinquished. Sharon believed that assassinating Arafat was the key to destroying the Palestinian leadership.

Journalists as ‘collateral’

In another of the attempts to assassinate Arafat, an Israeli assassination team trailed an Israeli journalist team which included Uri Avnery, Anat Saragusti and Sarit Yishai Levy, who had plans to meet Arafat. Anat Saragusti responded to Bergman’s report in disbelief on her Facebook status (Hebrew):

“When faced with the dilemma of whether his liquidation justifies the deaths of three Israeli journalists, the decision was yes. I reiterate: the assassination of Arafat in Beirut in 1982 justified the deaths of three Israeli journalists. […]Arafat escaped from the surveillance and our lives were saved. Creepy.”

Oh, it’s creepy indeed. All this is so creepy.

And I have to ask you, Israel: are you for real? I mean, I know you’re considered a state, but are you real? Even the anagram of your name suggests you are – ‘IS-REAL’ – but really? My jaw is dropping. Despite all that I’ve read and seen before, I still can’t believe it. It’s so surreal.

On the one hand I think you’re somehow real, but on the other hand a lot suggests you’re not. I mean, you have no fully delineated borders. They are just fluid and temporary – they are “wherever the IDF reaches” as Ben Gurion once said. You don’t have a constitution, but OK, some other democracies lack one. Then when you attempt to write one in gradually, through ‘basic laws’, some of these are in flagrant violation of international law. Like the one on Jerusalem, claiming it to be the ‘united capital’.

Then you say you’re a democracy – but a Jewish democracy. That actually ends up meaning that you’re a democracy for Jews – and that’s not a democracy, sorry. Then it turns out there are no actual Israeli nationals – because there’s no Israeli nationality. Israeli nationals don’t exist – only Jewish nationals who are the only ones who enjoy national rights in Israel. For real?

Yes, this is the “Jewish state”. I’m rubbing my eyes and I can’t believe it. Maybe I’m still waking up from all those Zionist dreams I was indoctrinated with. “If you will it, it is no dream”, said Herzl.

But you know what, it is a dream. You think that construct can be a real democratic state? That you can keep this barbarism, this murderous Apartheid going in the name of ‘democracy’, ‘enlightenment’ and ‘liberty’? The horrors mentioned above are not just aberrations. They are logical consequences of nationalist madness. These people are leaders. It has been going on since the start, and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better. This is just awful. Let’s wake up. We can stop this.  And if we can’t, someone’s got to.

Jonathan Ofir

Israeli musician, conductor and blogger / writer based in Denmark.

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  1. Hatim Kanaaneh on January 26, 2018, 6:13 pm

    Here is a spoof that I wrote when I first read about Michael Oren’s investigation:


    It all started in 1967 with a group of light-skinned clowns that strayed from the circus, got caught in the crossfire for six full days. The circus performers, hailing from an Aryan stock, had been performing in Arab capitals of the Middle East for decades and hence they all spoke fluent Arabic. When the shooting stopped the clowns continued to roam the Judean hills. One day they arrived at an empty hill called Nabi Saleh with a nearby spring and decided to call it home. “A hill without clowns for clowns without a hill” was their motto. The clowns actually knew that the hill was inhabited. But then, whoever heard of Palestinians and Palestinian culture? They decided to play local and to adapt and adopt everything the residents of Nabi Saleh had as theirs.

    By now the clowns have become integrated into the Tamimi clan of their village while at the same time they reconnected to their most adaptive and inventive original group of circus performers. With the help of their worldwide network of circus clowns, anything was possible. They started to think big: Why not develop a virtual Middle East reality in which they could fit comfortably. They started with basics: Let us build edifices for the world to see: They retrospectively built El-Aqsa mosque and The Church of the Holy Sepulcher to justify a claim to Jerusalem. Then they created the Ramallah virtual reality bubble, invented the PNA and asked a head acrobat from their circus to run it.

    It takes a clown to catch a clown: Another light-skinned blue-eyed top rank performer named Michael Oren saw through the falsity of all of this. He climbed high in the delusional acrobatic pyramid that his Zionist circus had built. From his perch he could see the entire span of virtual reality that those ‘Palestinian’ clowns had built for themselves. He called their shot: The Tamimi’s are not Palestinian. They all are paid performers.

    • annie on January 26, 2018, 9:56 pm

      you have a wild imagination hatim!

      ok, so i finally figured out why oren&co doubted Nadeem Nawara was a real person (or corpse). he too wore his baseball cap on backwards sometimes, as evidenced by several photographs of him. why would a palestinian do such a thing? it boggles the imagination.

    • Misterioso on January 27, 2018, 10:53 am

      I well remember a town west of Alexandria, Egypt, called Mersa Matru (spelling?) where Napoleon’s troops were stationed. To this day, one occasionally encounters Egyptian men and women there with blonde hair and blue eyes.

      Likewise, given the near 200 year Crusader presence as well as Turks during the Ottoman era and bearing in mind that Palestine has long since been known as the “Cross Roads,” It is hardly surprising that Ahed Tamimi is fair haired and light skinned.

      • RoHa on January 27, 2018, 6:40 pm

        Mersa Matruh, and the battle there, is a familiar name to those of us who know a little about WW2

        The French in Egypt were replaced by the British. In WW1 Egypt was the staging post for the Gallipoli campaign and the subsequent Palestine campaign, which meant the addition of Australian and NZ armies as well. The British Army had a presence in Palestine throughout the Mandate, and in WW2 the Australians took Syria from the Vichy French. And there were always Circassians, travellers and passing sailors.

        I don’t wish to cast aspersions at the ladies of the Tamimi family, but we all know that mistakes can be made, and accidents can happen. There was plenty of time for blue eyes and fair hair to become family traits.

      • Mooser on January 28, 2018, 2:14 pm

        Well, “RoHa” that’s exactly the point. Nothing disruptive, invasive, expulsive or even genocidal has ever touched the Jews, so our families tend to run along very conventional nuclear lines. We get nervous about people who aren’t as aidel gepochket as us.

  2. JosephA on January 27, 2018, 12:22 am

    Jonathan Ofir,

    You have done it again. Bravo! Succinct and also informative, with a little humor and sarcasm peppered in there.

    I thank you.

  3. Ossinev on January 27, 2018, 7:38 am

    Just looked at his recent twitter feed.
    He certainly has a Hasbara on switch. I doubt that there is any kind of off switch.
    BTW Oren the Moron himself is very definitely light skinned and European(aka Aryan) looking and presumably claims to be a direct descendent of those chosen non-European Judeans who bypassed evolution and were miraculously parachuted in by God to inhabit the peopleless lands of Judea and Samaria way back when. And they were of course not blue eyed,blond or Roman looking but well sort of Semitic looking.
    Shurely shome mishtake ?

    • ahadhaadam on January 27, 2018, 12:31 pm

      The Zionist Don Quixote of the Shtetl who lives in his world of fantasy could be a very entertaining character had he not been inflicting so many horrors for the past 70 years.

  4. Hans-Micael on January 27, 2018, 12:20 pm

    The zionist colonization of Mandate Palestine follow the Nazi- German blue print for the colonization of Poland. De-kulturation followed by the ‘transfer’ of the undesired native population. Not only the country had to be eliminated but an entire culture were nixed. To accomplish this the zionist leaders had to indoctrinate entire generations to the superiority of the new spartans /the modern Machabees. The formation of the armed forces of Israel and the compulsory military service of both men and women were a corner stone in the new temple – the ethno-nationalistic state. Very few israelis have avoided military service and zonist indoctrination! To become a conscientous objector to military service is anathema to being an Israeli. When an entire population is militarized and the national identity is consumed by the idea of a perpetual war for the survival of the ethnic supremacy of one group you need a powerfull foe to make this fatamorgana true! The Palestinians are a very puny almost unarmed population armed only with the keys from ‘the transfer’ (i.e. ethnic cleansing) and the genocide albeit in slow motion, never the less fits the definition.

  5. ahadhaadam on January 27, 2018, 12:36 pm

    The answer to the question in the title is no – Israel is not a state in the modern definition of the word. It is closer to the definition of a colony. States have borders – Israel doesn’t. States are a political representation of their inhabitants – not an extraterritorial nebulous group known as “the Jewish people” or world Jewry. States exist – they don’t demand recognition from the people they dispossess.

  6. Ossinev on January 27, 2018, 2:21 pm

    Meanwhile the Yahoo is in full I am one of the greatest leaders in the world you will do my bidding or else I will instruct my US pet bulldog to bite you song:
    Pot = kettle. Never ever ever in the Zionist laments with their tedious whinging moaning groaning and wailing is there any question of the Nakba having occurred and that it is being denied.

    Absolutely loved the ” History cannot be changed ” comment. FFS !! Presumably he means that only Jewish Israelis and their drooling Zionist supporters are allowed to change history.
    For all others it is criminal distortion.

    These Zios are morphing into serious weirdos.

    • Misterioso on January 27, 2018, 3:15 pm

      And their days are numbered.
      We must and will press on with the struggle.

    • just on January 28, 2018, 4:42 pm

      To your point, Ossinev~ here’s Haneen Zoabi @ +972:

      “Between Poland’s Holocaust revisionism and Israel’s Nakba denial

      Poland’s attempt to scrub clean its role in the murder of European Jewry is, at its core, no different from Israel’s attempt to erase the catastrophe that befell the Palestinians in 1948.

      The responses coming from Israel to the new Polish law, which forbids discussing war crimes committed by the Polish people during the holocaust, are nothing if not paradoxical. While the Israeli establishment, from the Right to the Left, denies the identity, history, and catastrophe of the Palestinian people, it reprimands those who deny responsibility for the fate of the Jews during the Holocaust.

      The Holocaust, a monstrous, well-planned genocide, was possible not only because of the Nazis’ nightmarishly meticulous implementation, but also because those who stood aside as it was happening. The Germans had willing accomplices, including many Poles, who took an active part in the persecution and murder. …

      A state in denial

      So how is this law any different from the Nakba Law, which would withhold state funds from cultural and educational institutions that commemorate the horrors that befell the Palestinians in 1948? Isn’t the Nakba Law also an attempt to rewrite history? To hide and deny certain parts of it? It is true that the Nakba Law does not — yet — criminalize individuals. But in its essence, it is a law that seeks to silence, just as the Polish law does, and allows the effective denial of the Palestinian catastrophe.

      As opposed to Poland, which legislated this disgraceful law at the behest of its right-wing president, the Zionist state was established entirely on denying my identity, and my connection to my homeland. One example of that denial is the artificial separation between “Israeli Arabs” and Palestinians. “Arab MKs must take care of ‘Israeli Arabs,’ not the Palestinians,” we are told over and over again. The term is one of domestication — of denial — and I am expected to identify with it, to adopt that separation.

      There is no doubt that the Polish law is wrong. But it is no less wrong than the Nakba Law. Yet the Polish law does not deny the Holocaust, while the Israeli law denies the Nakba. The Polish law denies that part of the Polish people were responsible for the Holocaust — that is, it distinguishes between the crime and the criminals. The latter are “the others,” the bad guys, the Nazis. The Poles were “okay,” they were victims of the Third Reich, just like the Jews.

      The Nakba Law, on the other hand, denies history itself, since according to the law the Nakba never actually took place. Instead, there were Palestinian villages whose residents rejected the Partition Plan and “voluntarily” left their villages “with the expectation that they would return after a few days.” There was no expulsion, no murder, and no home demolitions. The events at Deir Yassin were an outlier — if they even happened in the first place.

      The Nakba Law is the natural result of a process that began long ago. Moreover, the state’s use of the Holocaust is no worse than Holocaust denial. The Holocaust has turned into a political tool to be used against anyone who dares criticize the state. Accusations of anti-Semitism has become a way to defend Israel, which claims to represent world Jewry.

      We, the native Palestinians of the land, blame Israeli society, in its entirety, for its historical indifference and blindness. We accuse it of denying our existence, our identity, and the crimes carried out by the state until this very day — on both sides of the Green Line.

      As a Palestinian, I feel a kinship with the victims of the Holocaust. I am angry at all those who continue to murder and remain silence, those who force others to remain silent.

      Israel expels, denounces, and persecutes not only Palestinians, but anyone who identifies with them: human rights activists, parliamentarians, BDS supporters. Israel needs a world beset by fear — one that sees what is happening and remains silent. Just like Poland.”

      • miriam6 on February 2, 2018, 12:05 am

        The Polish Government’s laws forbidding people from blaming Poles for the Holocaust are reactionary and wrong: an attack on free speech and even an anti-Semitic dog-whistle.
        But as historical fact the point is right. It was not Poles who set up the death camps, it was the German occupation forces. Far from being perpetrators of Nazi violence, Poles were victims of it. An astonishing five million, eight hundred thousand Poles were slaughtered in the Second World War, by German forces – and also by the Soviet Union. That is 17 per cent of the total Polish population – among nations, only the Soviet Union lost a greater share.
        Poland’s Government exiled in London was the first to highlight the murder of the Jews, notifying the UN in 1942 when other allied governments preferred to hide the Holocaust. The rival, Soviet-backed ‘Lublin Committee’ also aimed to help Jews, organising the first aid collections as the survivors were liberated by the Red Army

        Jan Karski (24 June 1914 – 13 July 2000) was a Polish World War II resistance movement fighter and later professor at Georgetown University. In 1942 and 1943 Karski reported to the Polish government in exile and the Western Allies on the situation in German-occupied Poland, especially the destruction of the Warsaw Ghetto, and the secretive German-Nazi extermination camps.

      • Maghlawatan on February 2, 2018, 9:12 am


        The Nazis ran the camps but most Jews were murdered with guns outside camps. They were betrayed by neighbours and hunted like animals. And many Poles were involved.

  7. Nathan on January 27, 2018, 6:32 pm

    Jonathan Ofir – You tell us that you were indoctrinated with Zionist dreams. I have a hard time believing that you were “indoctrinated” at all. It is an oft-repeated grievance in your articles, but it’s not too convincing. Your point of view is pretty much in line with the Palestinian argument, so it would seem that the source of your ideas comes from elsewhere.

    I find it almost silly that actions that did not happen are defined as “State Terrorism”. I have to admit that this was a new line of anti-Israel propaganda that I have never come across before. There are so many accusations against Israel that you could have repeated, so it’s really surprising that you bring as proof of terrorism the “horrors” of an airplane that wasn’t shot out of the sky, a stadium that wasn’t blown up and journalists who weren’t shot.

    • Talkback on January 28, 2018, 3:41 am

      Nathan: “Your point of view is pretty much in line with the Palestinian argument, so it would seem that the source of your ideas comes from elsewhere.”

      Yes, Nathan. It’s called universal human values and being a mensh. Something you can’t comprehend being a racist and supporter of Jewish Apartheid.

      • Paranam Kid on January 28, 2018, 12:23 pm

        … as well as a supporter of incremental genocide, a.k.a. a Slowocaust.

    • Mooser on January 28, 2018, 5:34 pm

      “Nathan”, you have the most absurdly inflated idea of Israeli and Jewish power.

      • gamal on January 28, 2018, 5:59 pm

        “the most absurdly inflated idea of Israeli and Jewish power”

        as Boris pointed out there is little that can not be achieved with a soft bottom and playful handle, Pakistan has said it will down American drones, Turkey has said it will shoot Americans, i believe we are “In some pretty shit now” but mostly at night, when the playful handles seek out the soft bottoms…..i might have a coffee…

    • eljay on January 28, 2018, 5:50 pm

      || Nathan: … I find it almost silly that actions that did not happen are defined as “State Terrorism”. … ||

      Yup, better to stick to the (war) crimes that Israel committed in the past and that Israel continues to commit to this very day.

    • Mooser on January 29, 2018, 11:28 am

      “Jonathan Ofir – You tell us that you were indoctrinated with Zionist dreams. I have a hard time believing that you were “indoctrinated” at all”

      Even tho I have never met the man, only read his articles on Mondo, I am going to make bold to thank you, “Nathan”, in Mr Ofir’s name, for the best laugh he’s had in a while.

  8. Donald on January 28, 2018, 8:42 pm

    The NYT story is old news and understates what Israel actually did.

  9. JLewisDickerson on January 29, 2018, 5:46 am

    RE: And then Sharon of course pushed for the 1982 invasion called “Peace of Galilee”, which turned out to be the devastation of Lebanon – all in order to foil a “Palestinian peace offensive”, as military analyst Avner Yaniv phrased it. At the time the PLO was moving dangerously close to the international consensus regarding the peaceful solution to the ‘Israeli-Palestinian conflict’, which posed the ‘danger’ of leading to a Palestinian state on 22% of historical Palestine. Sharon would not have it. He wanted Palestinians chased away to Jordan to make it a ‘Palestinian state’, hence forcing any Palestinian claims to areas within Israel’s control to be relinquished… Once, a private aircraft Arafat was believed to have boarded was almost downed over the Mediterranean. It was not Arafat, but rather his brother, whom the Mossad mistook to be Arafat; and aboard the plane were 30 wounded Palestinian children who had survived the massacres of Sabra and Shatila. Sharon would have massacred them twice, that is… My jaw is dropping. Despite all that I’ve read and seen before, I still can’t believe it. It’s so surreal… The horrors mentioned above are not just aberrations. They are logical consequences of nationalist madness. ~ Ofir

    THE CONSPIRACY THEORIST SEZ: Might Ariel Sharon have had an interest in arranging for the “Christian” Phalangists (or, at least, allowing them ) to perpetrate the Sabra and Shatila massacres (under the watchful eyes of Sharon and the IDF) AFTER Arafat and the PLO had already left for Tunisa? Also, might Ariel Sharon have benefited from having Bachir Gemayel assasinated (which is said to have caused the Phalangists to seek to avenge Hariri’s assasination by carrying out the Sabra and Shatila massacres)?

    To be a bit less oblique, were the Sabra and Shatila massacres (which an official Israeli investigation found Ariel Sharon “indirectly responsible for”) supposed to be Lebanon’s Deir Yassin , thereby causing the Palestinians in Lebanon’s refugee camps (who no longer had the PLO fighters to protect them) to flee pretty much ‘en mass’ to Syria, and then ultimately to Jordan* [likely leading to the demise of the Hashemite Kingdom that Golda Meir had made an agreement with back in 1948 to divvy up Palestine — with King Abdullah taking (only temporarily, whether he knew it or not) the West Bank]? And then, after the demise of the Hashemite Kingdom in Jordan, might the Palestinian majority take over the government, making Jordan all the more attractive to Palestinians under occupation by the IDF in the West Bank. Lastly, if some of the more militant settlers in the West Bank were to perpetrate a massacre or two of their Palestinian neighbors, might most reasonably sane West Bank Palestinians naturally flee (sumud be damned) to Jordan, and have so little expectation that Israel would ever allow them to return (no matter how often the UN might insist it was their right) that they would be thankful for even a pittance of monetary compensation?

    * SEE: “The War of Lies”, by Uri Avnery, 09/06/12

    [EXCERPTS] Thirty Years ago this week, the Israeli army crossed into Lebanon and started the most stupid war in Israel’s history. It lasted for 18 years. About 1500 Israeli soldiers and untold numbers of Lebanese and Palestinians were killed.
    Almost all wars are based on lies. Lies are considered legitimate instruments of war. Lebanon War I (as it was later called) was a glorious example.
    From beginning to end (if it has ended yet) it was a war of deceit and deception, falsehoods and fabrications.
    THE LIES started with the official name: “Operation Peace in Galilee”.

    If one asks Israelis now, 99.99% of them will say with all sincerity: “We had no choice. They launched katyushas at the Galilee from Lebanon every day. We had to stop them.” TV anchormen and anchorwomen, as well as former cabinet ministers have been repeating this throughout the week. Quite sincerely. Even people who were already adults at the time.
    The simple fact is that for 11 months before the war, not a single shot was fired across the Israeli-Lebanese border. A cease-fire was in force and the Palestinians on the other side of the border kept it scrupulously. To everybody’s surprise, Yasser Arafat succeeded in imposing it on all the radical Palestinian factions, too.
    At the end of May, Defense Minister Ariel Sharon met with Secretary of State Alexander Haig in Washington DC. He asked for American agreement to invade Lebanon. Haig said that the US could not allow it, unless there were a clear and internationally recognized provocation.
    And lo and behold, the provocation was provided at once. Abu Nidal, the anti-Arafat and anti-PLO master terrorist, sent his own cousin to assassinate the Israeli ambassador in London, who was grievously wounded.

    In retaliation, Israel bombed Beirut and the Palestinians fired back, as expected. The Prime Minister, Menachem Begin, allowed Sharon to invade Lebanese territory up to 40 km, “to put the Galilee settlements out of reach of the katyushas.”
    When one of the intelligence chiefs told Begin at the cabinet meeting that Abu Nidal’s organization was not a member of the PLO, Begin famously answered: “They are all PLO”.
    General Matti Peled, my political associate at the time, firmly believed that Abu Nidal had acted as an agent of Sharon. So do all the Palestinians I know.
    The lie “they shot at us every day” has taken such a hold on the public mind that it is nowadays useless to dispute it. It is an illuminating example of how a myth can take possession of the public mind, including even of people who had seen with their own eyes that the opposite was true.
    NINE MONTHS before the war, Sharon told me about his plan for a New Middle East. . .
    . . . His design for the region, as told me then (and which I published nine months before the war), was:
    • To attack Lebanon and install a Christian dictator who would serve Israel,
    • Drive the Syrians out of Lebanon,
    • Drive the Palestinians out of Lebanon into Syria, from where they would then be pushed by the Syrians into Jordan.
    • Get the Palestinians to carry out a revolution in Jordan, kick out King Hussein and turn Jordan into a Palestinian state,
    • Set up a functional arrangement under which the Palestinian state (in Jordan) would share power in the West Bank with Israel.
    Being a single-minded operator, Sharon convinced Begin to start the war, telling him that the sole aim was to push the PLO 40 km back. . .


  10. amigo on January 29, 2018, 3:01 pm

    Of course it is a real State.No one is above the law in Israel.

    So says King Bibi in response to a question from Fareed Zakara .

    “On the subject of the ongoing investigation he is under in Israel, Netanyahu assured the forum that “no one is above the law in Israel, but I’m also confident that nothing will come of it. There’s nothing to come out. It’s just a question of time.”

    About 2/3 down the page .

  11. Abu Yusef on January 30, 2018, 1:16 pm

    For years I’ve been told that I don’t look Palestinian because I am fair skinned and have green eyes and for years I replied: “in Nabi Saleh were my family comes from this is what we look like”. Sure I have cousins that are darker or lighter than I am but, for the most part, you can tell we are Tamimi’s. Nabi Saleh is a close-knit family whether we are there or in the states. I was born in the New Jersey but, the story of my ancestors I knew by heart since I was a small boy.

    My first trip to Nabi Saleh from America was in 1978, I was eight years old and had never been out of Paterson before. My father had to go back to contest the seizure of our land. This seizure of our land would eventually become Halamish and the catalyst of most of the problems for Nabi Saleh and Deir Nitham.

    Once there I truly fell in love with this tiny village. I was amazed that everyone there was related to me some way or another. I was young and asked my father how we were related? He didn’t hesitate at all. For each house, he could trace back the lineage and how we were related. Back then there may have been two hundred and fifty or so people in Nabi Saleh but, my father knew how we were all Tamimi’s and most important of all we were all Palestinian’s.

    As years went by more cousins made it to the states and became productive citizens of America. We, of course, would still go back to visit our family in Nabi Saleh really with no issues, except maybe a five-hour delay in the airport as always occurs to Palestinians, especially ones named Mahmoud when flying into to Ben Gurion. But, once you were home in the village everything was ok. We would see our cousins dressing more western every time. Sometimes they would look more American than the Americans who visited. We were able to watch as the youth of the village embraced our culture in dress and most of all in spirit. These cousins of ours saw our facebooks posts and our freedoms and they thirsted for the same.

    This didn’t last long. Becuase they embraced the ideologies of the western cousins and felt that because we were able to be free they marched and wanted to be free. That didn’t sit well with the Occupiers. A slew of murders at the hands of the IDF, were to follow. From children to adults, there was no discretion to the pain inflicted on the Tamimi’s of Nabi Saleh and Deir Nitham. All the while we sat in the States in shock and horror yet incapable to do anything.

    Then to add insult to injury you have this person who is supposed to be part of the mainstream, Oren, make a statement that is as outlandish as it is stupid. I am a Tamimi of Nabi Saleh and have always been proud of being one. I am also an American who has served my country proudly and diligently. A public servant who has protected the citizens of New Jersey with my life for over 23 years now. But, the things I have taught my children to be most proud of is their name, Tamimi, This man has assaulted our family and honor for generations by simply stating we may not be a real family. We are and we will be marching and protesting on two continents against the brutal occupation and apartheid in our village.

    • annie on January 30, 2018, 1:30 pm

      wow, incredible comment abu yusef. thanks for posting.

      • Mooser on January 30, 2018, 5:53 pm

        “thanks for posting”

        And there are two more comments in “abu yusef” archive, both well worth reading. I hope he finds time to comment here again.

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