First they came for Alan Dershowitz

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First they came for me in Martha’s Vineyard,
But I was in Nantucket.
Then they came for me in Nantucket,
But I was in Cape Cod.
Then they came for me in Cape Cod,
But I was in Bar Harbor.
Then they came for me in Bar Harbor,
But I was in the Hamptons.
Then they came for me in the Hamptons,
But I was in … Coney Island.
Coney Island!
I no longer cared what befell me.

[For reference.] 

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Katie – this is a masterpiece! Douchewitz in a thong on a rubber ducky.

A great cartoon, and truly deserved by the Dirt Bag. Like all loud mouths, he can dish out but could not take it at Martha’s Vineyard.

Norman Finkelstein sharp as a tack.


Sure, it’s good, vintage Finkelstein. Very nice job. But then one has to start wondering. Most of us always believed the ultimate sacred cow to be “Israel”. What do you know. The real unslaughterables today are the libruls. The Mac-using PC, bless their greedy, warmongering eyes. WWIII is no problem, just keep the decorum. It sure feels good to bash the Dershow no matter the pretext but it would have better not to have the… Read more »