‘We can bring this Apartheid system to an end’: Anti-Zionist Israelis join the Great March of Return

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A group of 50 Anti-Zionist Israelis joined the Great March of Return from the Eastern side of the fence that besieges the Gaza Strip. The group, called Return, raised Palestinian flags that could be seen by the Palestinian protesters and chanted calling for the Right of Return.

A phone conversation between the protesters and Dr. Haidar Eid, a BDS activist protesting West of the fence’ took place. “One day we will cross the fence and you will be able to join us, and we will join you”, promised Eid.

During the demonstration the protesters witnessed the use of lethal and excessive force by the occupation forces.

Video by Haim Schwarczenberg,

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Bravo, Bravissimo…Bravissimi!
Thank you, Really an historical moment!


In the midst of the storm, the sun shines!!

We keep hopefulness in our souls, as we emerge together out of the darkness!