Settlers spray ‘Death to Christians’ on a monastery, ‘Death to Arabs’ on a school and ‘Mohammad is a pig’ on village entrance

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Settlers attack Jerusalem monastery write “Death to Christians”
JERUSALEM—Vandals attacked a monastery in Jerusalem and a prominent school with a mixed Jewish-Arab student body on Tuesday, and police said they suspected Jewish extremists were behind the violence. “Death to Christians” and other Hebrew-language graffiti was scrawled on the Greek Orthodox monastery in Jerusalem, while “Death to Arabs” was sprayed across a wall outside the bilingual “Hand in Hand” school in another part of the city. Israeli police said they were investigating both incidents. Spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said that “price tag” was also painted at the monastery — a reference to a practice of Jewish extremists who lash out against the Israeli government for actions against settlers.

Jewish extremists spray “Death to Arabs” on mixed school
JERUSALEM (Ma’an) — Jewish extremists sprayed racist anti-Arab slogans on the walls of a mixed school in Beit Safafa, East Jerusalem on Tuesday. “Death to Arabs”, and “Kahane was right” were sprayed in Hebrew on walls in the school’s playground, Israeli radio station Reshet said. Both Jewish and Palestinian students attend the school, which is located between Beit Safafa and the Jewish neighborhood of Katamon. Meir Kahane founded the far-right Kach party, which has been banned under Israeli anti-terrorism laws. Baruch Goldstein, an Israeli-American who murdered 29 Palestinians in a 1994 Hebron massacre, was a devotee of Kahane.

Palestinians: ‘Mohammad is a pig’ spray painted in village
Palestinians in a town south of Nablus claim they drove off a car with an Israeli license plate that entered the village. They allege that the slogan “Mohammad is a pig” were graffitied near the village entrance.,7340,L-4186405,00.html

Settlers/ Land, Property, Resource Theft & Destruction / Ethnic Cleansing / Apartheid / Refugees

Israel issues evacuation orders to Hebron farmers
HEBRON (Ma’an) — Israeli authorities issued evacuation orders to several Palestinian farmers in the village of Beit Ula, west Hebron on Tuesday. The land owners told Ma’an that they found notifications in their fields demanding that they evacuate 10,000 square meters of land. The orders were dated Feb. 6 and claimed that the land was “illegally possessed,” and must be evacuated within 45 days.

Israeli Occupation Builds Villas for Carmel Settlers, Destroys the Hut of their Widow Neighbor. YOU Can Do Something about it, Assaf Oron
Miyaser Al-Hatheleen is a 45-year-old woman living in Umm al-Kheir, South Hebron Hills. Her house was first demolished by the Israeli Occupation authorities in October 2008, together with other dwellings belonging to her relatives (see our original 2008 report about these demolitions). In July 2009, Miyaser’s husband Salem passed away, leaving behind him his widowed wife and their seven children: Manal (now age 18), Tareq (17), Husam (15), Ahmad (13), Khulood (11), Maysoon (8) and Gamila (6).

To Avoid Excessive Penalty, Family Members Start Demolishing Their Own Homes
After Israel informed them of its intentions to demolish their homes, members of the Hardan family in Al Fredees village, at the Mount Carmel in the north of the 1948 territories, started demolishing their own homes, east of the village, in order to avoid the unreasonable and excessive penalties and fines that would be imposed upon them.

Palestinian developer: settlers are welcome to buy in his West Bank city
A Palestinian millionaire extended an offer for Israeli Jews to purchase homes and make use of a country club constructed by his company in a new West Bank city near Ramallah. Bashar al-Masri, the Palestinian entrepreneur spear-heading the project, was quoted in Ynet News welcoming settlers…

Israel: End Restrictions on Palestinian Residency
Israeli policies on Palestinian residency have arbitrarily denied thousands of Palestinians the ability to live in, and travel to and from, the West Bank and Gaza. Israel should immediately stop denying or cancelling the residency of Palestinians and close family members with deep ties to the West Bank and Gaza, and end blanket bans on processing their applications for residency.

Israel ‘denied residency to thousands of Palestinians’
BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Israeli policies have arbitrarily denied thousands of Palestinians the right to live in or travel to and from the West Bank and Gaza, an international rights group said Sunday. “Israel’s control over the population registry has significantly reduced the registered Palestinian population in the West Bank and Gaza, probably by hundreds of thousands of people,” the report by Human Rights Watch said.

IOA bulldozers level land in Qalqilia
The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) bulldozers leveled land in Kafr Kaddoum village to the east of Qalqilia city on Sunday evening, local sources said.

Hamas condemns Israeli attempts to wipe out Islamic, Christian shrines

Hamas strongly condemned the Israeli Judaization plans targeting Islamic and Christian holy shrines in occupied Jerusalem.

650 students shut out of class for the second day in a row due to cuts in electricity
The administration of the mixed elementary school in Beer Ayoub, Silwan was forced to delay the start of instruction for the second day in a row due to a cut in electricity. The school’s electricity network has been damaged by rainwater that leaked into the building..This recent electricity cut deprives 650 boys and girls from attending their regular classes. Parents of children attending the school asked the Jerusalem Municipality to repair the leaks two months ago, but the scheduled repairs have been constantly delayed, one parent told Silwanic. Mousa Audeh, a member of the parents committee, said to Silwanic, ‘”How could the Jerusalem Municipality claim that it invests more money in developing education in East Jerusalem and doesn’t fix the electricity problem at one of these schools.” Silwan suffers from an extreme shortage of classrooms which forces 70% of neighborhood children, both boys and girls, to attend school outside of the neighbhorhood. Partially due to this, 61% of children in Silwan drop out before completing secondary school.

An Ongoing Nakba: The Plight of Palestinian Refugees in Iraq
In September 2011, the month that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud ‘Abbas submitted Palestine’s statehood bid at the United Nations, Qusai Abdul-Raouf of the Lebanon-based Palestinian Human Rights Foundation was undertaking the task of documenting the increasing number of attacks against Palestinians in the Al Baladiyyat neighbourhood of Baghdad. As he toured the neighborhood three gunmen, reportedly wearing Interior Ministry uniforms, abducted him. No one has seen him since.

Neighborhood pays price of being on wrong side of Israel’s wall
Residents of Kafr Aqab are cut off from most public services, even though they live within Jerusalem’s city limits. The once-upscale area is now a slum. With a fire extinguisher in his hand and a cellphone pressed to his ear, principal Sameeh abu Rameelh battled an electrical fire in his Jerusalem high school’s computer lab while pleading with the fire department to come to his aid.,0,337882.story

Architects and planners view village as a cultural asset that preserves the way of life and the construction typical of Arab villages in the early 20th century.

Violence / Aggression

Soldiers assault man in Jenin
JENIN (Ma’an) — Israeli forces assaulted a man in Jenin on Tuesday morning, witnesses told Ma’an. The unnamed man was stopped at a flying checkpoint near the Jenin village of Yabad. Witnesses said that soldiers took the man to a nearby area of olive trees where they began to assault him. They then took him to a unknown destination.

Palestinian cars sprayed with unknown materials at Israeli checkpoints, Abir Kopty
Lately I’ve been going to Jenin every 2-3 weeks with family members. We usually do our vegetable shopping in the city market. Last Saturday, on our way back from Jenin to Nazareth, we were surprised to find a new technology to check the ‘suspected’ cars at the Israeli checkpoint. The checkpoint’s check usually goes like this: There are about six lines of cars going out through the checkpoint, at each there are 1-2 “security” officers that ask for IDs, and decide whether this car including its riders, do or do not consist a major threat to Israel’s “security” and “existence”. If they do not, the officer gives the car a white ticket, which means they are done with the “security” check. If yes, then the car gets a green ticket. Once you get the green one, you have to go to the far right route into a special check. You are asked to open all doors, take out all your belongings and go through physical check while the car is been checked separately.

Israel ‘closes investigation into tear gas shooting’
BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Israeli authorities on Sunday closed an investigation into the shooting of an Israeli activist with a tear gas canister in West Bank village Nabi Saleh, the Popular Struggle Coordination Committee reported. Ben Ronen suffered multiple fractures to his hand after being hit at close range on May 13, the committee said. He was informed by the Israeli internal affairs division that the case was closed because of insufficient evidence, the report added. The popular committee released footage of an Israeli border police officer firing the projectile towards Ronen during a weekly protest against land confiscation in the Ramallah-district.

Political Detainees
Israeli court ratifies detention order for Jihad leader
RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — Israel’s Ofer military court said Tuesday that an administrative detention order for Islamic Jihad leader Khader Adnan is in effect. The Palestinian prisoners society contacted the court on Monday to obtain a final decision regarding the order. The military court confirmed on Tuesday that the 4 month administrative detention order issued on Jan. 8 is being implemented.
Ad-Dameer Laywer Visits Hunger-Striking Detainee
Lawyer of the Ad-Dameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association, Samer Samaan, managed to visit the ailing hunger-striking detainee, Adnan Khader, who has been on hunger strike since 51 days despite the sharp deterioration in his health condition. Khader is currently at an Israeli Hospital in Safad.

Ofer jail isolates 8 Palestinian prisoners for going on solidarity hunger strike
The Israeli Ofer jail administration has isolated eight Palestinian prisoners on Monday for going on hunger strike in solidarity with Islamic Jihad leader Sheikh Khader Adnan.

Mustafa Tamimi’s brother arrested in Nabi Saleh, by Allison Deger
Clashes took place last night in Nabi Saleh between villagers and Israeli occupation forces. The Israeli army invaded the village, stormed houses, arrested two men Luai Al Tamimi 19 (brother of martyr Mustafa Tamimi)  and Ta’min Muhammad Tamimi 29. They also assaulted father of Mustafa Tamimi who suffers from renal failure and severely swollen hands. Tamimi’s mother, sister and two other brothers were also assaulted.  Villagers took to the streets to protest the Israeli army. They threw stones and the Israeli army responded with live bullets, tear gas canisters and sound-bombs. The villagers cheered for resistance and condemning occupation. Israeli jeeps pulled out but news sources confirm that army vehicles are still surrounding the entrances of the village. The Committees of Popular Resistance condemned the attack and blamed the responsibility of this tension on the Israeli settlers and their continued attacks which are usually backed by the Frontiers’ Guards. They also considered assaulting Mustafa Tamimi’s family a new crime in the long series of Israeli crimes against humanity.

Soldiers detain 60-year-old blocking settler tree planting
QALQILIYA (Ma’an) — Israeli forces detained a 60-year-old man obstructing Israeli settlers from digging up land in Qalqiliya village Kafr Qaddum on Monday, witnesses and security officials said. Yaqoub Ishtawi tried to block a group of Israeli soldiers and settlers from razing village land, activist Murad Ishtewi told PA news agency Wafa. Soldiers beat Ishtawi severely before detaining him, Ishtewi added.

IOF soldiers arrest 15 Palestinians mostly in Nablus
Israeli occupation forces (IOF) arrested 15 Palestinian citizens in the West Bank at dawn Tuesday mostly in Nablus province, local sources said.

Six activists arrested in Issawiya
Israeli forces, accompanied by bulldozers, arrived in the East Jerusalem village of Issawiya early this morning and reportedly arrested six Jewish Israeli activists.

IOF soldiers arrest Palestinian, 3 foreign activists in Walaja
Israeli occupation forces (IOF) detained a Palestinian activist and three foreign solidarity activists while quelling an anti wall march in Walaja village to the south west of Bethlehem.

IOF soldiers round up five Palestinians
Israeli occupation forces (IOF) rounded up five Palestinians in various West Bank areas at dawn Sunday.

Female prisoner in Hasharon jail suffer joint pains without any help
Tadamun society for human rights said the health of Palestinian female prisoner Woroud Qasem, in Hasharon jail, has deteriorated very badly and she is suffering from severe pains in her joints.

700 Palestinian prisoners start gradual hunger strike on Tuesday
The ministry of prisoners in Gaza has said that 700 prisoners in the Israeli Raymond jail would start a gradual hunger strike on Tuesday demanding improvement of their incarceration conditions.

IOA sentences freed prisoner to administrative custody, arrests another
The Israeli military court in Ofer has ordered the administrative detention of freed prisoner Ayman Sharawne from Al-Khalil for six months.

Shalit committee asks court to cancel release of freed Palestinian
A specialized Israeli committee formed to look into violations of the prisoners’ exchange deal claimed that one of the freed captives in the deal had violated conditions for his release.

Gaza tomatoes banned from Israel and West Bank
Israel allowed export of three truckloads of tomatoes from Gaza to Saudi Arabia on Monday but banned the trucks from unloading in Israel and the West Bank, where their natural markets are. Despite the fact that on their way to Saudi Arabia, the trucks will pass through Israel and the West Bank, Israel continues to ban sale of goods from Gaza in these areas as part of its “Separation Policy”.
Miles Of smiles 9 Arrives In Gaza
Palestinian sources reported Monday that the “Miles Of Smiles 9” aid and solidarity convoy made it into the coastal region through the Rafah Border Terminal, between Gaza and Egypt. 
Activism / Solidarity / Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions
Kafr Adik’s weekly protest in review
Photos by Dylan Collins and Lazar Simeonov. KAFR ADIK – A popular resistance demonstration took place in Kafr Adik this Friday, marking the fifth week in a row that residents have organized a protest against the occupation and the increasing…

Qaryut joins in the new wave of popular resistance in the West Bank
Photos by Silvia Boarini and Giorgio Algeri   Last Friday, 3 February, the Palestinian village of Qaryut united for its first mass demonstration against the permanent closure by the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) of one of its main roads.

Celebrating heroes and olives: Qaryut begins to dismantle roadblock
Hundreds of peaceful demonstrators confronted heavily armed Israeli soldiers this Friday, February 3rd,  at a new protest in the village of Qaryut, planting nearly one hundred trees and partially demolishing the roadblock that has obstructed access to the highway since the First Intifada.  Although organizers were prepared for military violence, the protest remained peaceful until the end, and demonstrators marched home triumphantly with a promise from the military to remove the roadblock with a bulldozer, which they did later the same day. While the villagers celebrated this as a victory, Qaryut’s people continue to struggle for control of their lands and recognition of their rights. As of the publishing date, it is uncertain what will be the nature of future protests.

Beit Ommar Demonstration Plants Hundreds of Olive Trees
On Saturday, February 4th, 2012, Palestinian villagers in Beit Ommar conducted their weekly demonstration against the settlement appropriation of their lands. The activists organized this week’s actions to plant dozens of olive trees near the Israeli settlement of Karmei Tsur. This week, the demonstrators were joined by a group of Palestinian and international runners conducting a marathon across the West Bank from Hebron to Jenin organized by Fair Trade groups and US-based community development group On the Ground.

Farmers, internationals plant olive trees near Bethlehem
BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Local farmers and international volunteers planted olive trees in the Bethlehem village of al-Khader on Monday as part of an ongoing advocacy initiative to protect Palestinian land. The Alternative Tourism Group and the YMCA-YWCA began the olive planting program on Feb. 4, and it will last until Feb. 13. On Monday, the group planted over 500 olive trees on agricultural lands belonging Ahmad Mousa, who owns 7,000 square meters, and Abdul-Hakim Salah, who has 15,000 square meters. Sixty international activists from 10 different countries arrived at the field at 8 a.m. to start planting 3-4 year old olive saplings.

Take action: Support United Methodist Church divestment campaign
United Methodist Kairos Response (UMKR) is an international movement in the United Methodist Church responding to the “Kairos Palestine Document,” an urgent plea from Christians in the Holy Land for decisive action supporting a just peace in Israel/Palestine.

Members of Asian People’s Solidarity for Palestine Convene in Pakistan
TEHRAN (FNA)- The Palestine Foundation of Pakistan hosted a meeting in Karachi, where representatives of various Asian nations, who are part of the Asian People’s Solidarity for Palestine (APSP), were present.

No Valentine for Israeli blood diamonds
Members of the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign joined London human rights campaigners in Hatton Garden, the centre of London’s jewellery trade, to raise awareness among shoppers and jewellers about the continuing sale of Israeli blood diamonds. Israel is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and exporters of cut & polished diamonds which generate more than US$ 1 billion (about UK£ 600 million) a year for the Apartheid State. Many jewellers falsely claim Israeli diamonds are “conflict-free” which is totally unjustified, given Israel’s blatant violation of international laws.

David Wildman at PennBDS: Motorola and Caterpillar profited off apartheid South Africa before occupation, Alex Kane
Palestinian-American poet Remi Kanazi, who had a rocking performance at Penn’s boycott, divestment and sanctions conference (BDS) Saturday night, explained the appeal of BDS in a tweet: “#BDS [is] so successful because it’s a positive, ethical, rights based, anti-racist & inclusive movement to upend Apartheid. #pennbds.” The conference showcased those qualities. But to add to Kanazi’s list, one reason why BDS campaigns targeting Israeli apartheid is so appealing is because it has a successful precedent to look to, as David Wildman reminded conference-goers.

Abunimah highlights ‘turning point’ boycott conference, Philip Weiss
I’m just back from the boycott-divestment BDS conference at the University of Pennsylvania, and will have a lot to post on it in days to come. I must begin with Ali Abunimah’s keynote speech Saturday, at which he emphasized the diversity and positive tone of the conference. He spoke to a hall jammed with over 300 people from countless different backgrounds. There was a great feeling of openness in the hall. Abunimah’s report is here.

Video of my Penn BDS speech and how Zionist filmmaker pretended to be from Canada’s CBC, Ali Abunimah
Video and report about my Penn BDS conference keynote, and my account of how an anti-Palestinian filmmaker misrepresented himself as a CBC journalist in a dirty trick.

Activists demand Cornell cut ties with Technion
Activists with Cornell Students for Justice in Palestine call on Cornell University to end its relationship with the Technion, an Israeli university that is involved in the research and development of military and arms technology. Read and sign the open petition.

Open letter in support of professor Terri Ginsburg; appealing to N. Carolina Supreme Court
Terri Ginsberg was a visiting film studies professor at North Carolina State University when she was dismissed after sharing views critical of Zionism and the state of Israel. (You can read prior coverage of her case in Muzzlewatch, the Electronic Intifada and in Ha’aretz). She filed a grievance with the university, which denied her a hearing – three times. So she took her case to the courts.

Madonna to launch MDNA world tour in Israel
The Queen of Pop is set to perform at Ramat Gan Stadium in May, in her fourth Israeli concert in history.

Racism & Discrimination

Video report to UN details racism in Israel
During Holocaust Rememberance Day in 2011, Israeli President Shimon Peres called Israel the most “anti-racist” country in the world. But this in-depth look at the xenophobia that is rampant and growing in Israeli society–and that is common to citizens and politicians alike–tells a very different story.

Ethiopian students? Not in our school
Students of Ethiopian descent living in Netanya are sent to ‘their own’ school; municipality: Registration areas determined years ago.,7340,L-4186313,00.html

Only rude comments made to Arabs are allowed: MK Tibi disciplined yet again
Arab lawmaker earns second suspension after he is banned from delivering speeches in Knesset for one month over rude comments made to Ethics Committee chairman.,7340,L-4186483,00.html

blatant racism of the Zionist usurping entity
from The Angry Arab News Service/وكالة أنباء العربي الغاضب by As’ad AbuKhalil”Army Radio reported on Monday that a street naming committee in the Jerusalem Municipality voted against renaming Eshkol Street to Rachmo after some residents complained the change could lead authorities to think they are Arabs.  “If you name our street Rachmo, they [the authorities] will think we are Arabs and delay us at the airport,” a resident of Eshkol Street reportedly said during a heated debate at the Jerusalem Municipality. According to the report, the street was to be named Rachmo after legendary restaurant owner Rachamim Ben-Yosef, whose eponymous eatery “Rachmo,” has become a Jerusalem landmark.  According to the report, the proposed street-name change lost momentum after one resident wrote in a letter that “the name Rachmo has an Arab sound to it. It is unacceptable that a street in west Jerusalem should have an Arab name. During security checks at the airport they ask us our address, and we if we tell them ‘Rachmo Street’ we will immediately be suspected of being Arabs and suffer all the delays that result from that.”

Tel Aviv continues to fine store owners open on Shabbat in mostly non-Jewish areas
Judge criticizes municipality’s policy, notes that the last time the issue was discussed by the city council it was addressed in a ‘lethargic, non-systematic’ fashion.

Career officer suspected of blackmailing women online
Police arrest 24-year-old IDF career officer accused of forcing dozens of women, girls to strip in front of computer camera as he watches while threatening to destroy their computers if they refuse.,7340,L-4185975,00.html

Political Developments / Diplomacy / Other News

French official: J’lem to be capital of ‘Palestine’
BERLIN – The head of the French Consulate in Jerusalem told French and Palestinian municipal officials late last month that Jerusalem will be the capital of an independent Palestinian state. “Welcome to Jerusalem, capital of the future State of Palestine,” Frédéric Desagneaux said at a conference in the city, the French-language online news outlet JSS wrote.

U.S. says Palestinian deal ‘internal’ matter
WASHINGTON — The United States Monday remained on the sidelines over a deal signed between Hamas and Fatah to end a long-running discord between rival Palestinian movements, saying it was an internal affair. “As we’ve said many times, questions of Palestinian reconciliation are an internal matter for Palestinians,” said US State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland. The accord signed in Qatar was welcomed by officials from both Palestinian movements, but Israel warned Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas to choose between reconciliation with Hamas and making peace with the Jewish state.

The Mainstreaming of Hamas Continues as Palestinian Unity Gains Steam ( – Hamas vows to give Palestinian moderate leader Mahmoud Abbas the running room to see what talks can produce.*

Doha agreement divides political opinion
GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — The Doha agreement signed on Monday by President Abbas and Hamas chief Khalid Mashaal has been welcomed and criticized in equal measure by politicians and analysts. Hamas official Ismail al-Ashqar told Ma’an that the agreement “contradicted basic Palestinian law and overstepped the Palestinian Legislative Council.” He urged President Abbas to take serious steps to implement the Cairo agreement as a whole, rather than being selective about which articles to implement.

Soldier forgets sensitive equipment in Palestinian store
IDF soldier buying cigarettes in violation of military protocol forgets case with night vision equipment in store. Owner returns equipment to local DCO.,7340,L-4186223,00.html

Analysis / Op-ed


Israel to the United States: “We’ll Give You the War, You Give Us the Cannon Fodder”
The dogs of war are off the leash. In meeting rooms in London, Tel Aviv and Washington the dice have been thrown: snake eyes. Flashback, 1963: When John F. Kennedy decided not to escalate the soon-to-be disastrous Vietnam war and issued National Security Action Memorandum 263 (NSAM 263), he signed his death warrant. Scarcely six weeks after vowing to pull all American forces out of South Vietnam by 1965, Kennedy was dead, the target of an “executive action” orchestrated by the CIA, a coup d’état on behalf of America’s corporatist masters–the military-industrial cabal of hardline cold warriors who stood to lose billions if Kennedy lived. That sweet little deal to “win” the war in Southeast Asia cost some two million Vietnamese lives, 58,000 dead Americans and precipitated an economic crisis which dealt a death blow to post-World War II prosperity and launched the United States on its inexorable glide path towards becoming a failed state.

AIPAC Obtained Missile Secrets
Author Norman F. Dacey made powerful enemies. He turned the cozy estate-planning industry upside-down after publishing How to Avoid Probate in 1965. The book sold 2 million copies as Dacey barnstormed [.pdf] the country advising Americans how to structure their estates to avoid the costs, delays, and publicity of probate by setting up trusts.

Ray Hanania – His own worst enemy
It’s always a dilemma. What to do, when people you admire are being attacked by the jealous and hateful? If you respond to it, it sometimes gives them the undeserved attention that they desperately seek. If you stay silent about it, you let baseless smears linger as if they contain some element of truth.  In the case of Ray Hanania attacking Palestinian surgeon and musician Doc Jazz, and Palestinian activist and publicist Ali Abunimah of the Electronic Intifada, I have decided to respond. Hanania, an Arab-American comedian of Palestinian origin, wrote down his vile accusations in the Jerusalem Post, a Zionist outlet that he apparently regularly contributes to as a columnist. Although he didn’t mention their names specifically, the descriptions he gave of them leave no doubt that Doc Jazz and Ali Abunimah are the two people his poisonous claims are aimed at.

Where is the Palestinian Spring?
The Egyptian Revolution recently marked its first anniversary. When is the Arab Spring coming to Palestine?

Remapping Palestine and the Politics of Injury, Aimee Shalan
The struggle over Palestine, a struggle in which ideas, representations, rhetoric, and images are all fiercely contested, has been so overexposed in mainstream media in North America and Western Europe that the actual experience of Palestinians living under occupation has often disappeared from view. A preoccupation with “balance,” regardless of the asymmetry of the situation, has given vent to a seemingly vicious circle of tit-for-tat denunciations. In this context, legitimate Palestinian anger in response to decades of oppression is frequently regarded as an obstructive proclivity for “supercharged emotions” and the investment o

Another Bahraini killed by toxic tear gas
Another Bahraini civilian has died of asphyxia after Saudi-backed regime forces fired toxic tear gas into a house, activist reported.

1000s of Bahrainis attend funeral
Thousands of people in Bahrain have attended the funeral of a man who died due to inhalation of tear gas fired by Saudi-backed forces in Manama. 
Bahraini mother freed after months in jail for revolutionary music
Prominent Bahraini activist Fadheela Al-Mubarak was freed on Monday, nearly a year after being arrested for listening to revolutionary music, as pro-democracy protests continue. Mubarak was among the first female activists to have been arrested in Bahrain when she was taken into custody at a checkpoint in March. She was sentenced to 18 months in jail by Bahraini authorities for listening to music that is common among many of the protesters, but is deemed revolutionary by the authorities. Mubarak was the first female to be tried in a military court in Bahrain.

Bahrain opposition launch week-long rally for reform (Reuters)
Reuters – Bahraini opposition parties, launching a week-long ‘sit-in’ for political reforms at a mass rally, swore on Sunday to take their campaign to the centre of last year’s democracy protest in the capital Manama.*


Egypt activists call for general strike on #feb11
This is the poster designed by graphic artist Ganzeer (whom we interviewed in this podcast) for the upcoming “general strike” announced by revolutionary movements on February 11, the anniversary of Mubarak’s overthrow. As al-Ahram reports, the revolutionaries –regrouped under a new umbrella organization – have the following demands:

Great new anti-army video calling for Egypt general strike, Issandr El AmraniThis video, put out by Aalam Wassef, is one of the most daring and well-made I’ve seen yet by the anti-SCAF movement. The basic narrative is that the SCAF represents a military that has run Egypt into the ground for some sixty years, while enjoying the fruits of its economic empire, luxury hospitals, clubs etc. It calls for a boycott of military-produced products and a general strike on February 11.


US and Israel ‘in unison’ on Iran
The US is working closely with Israel to use diplomacy to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear power, President Barack Obama says.

Incoming IAF chief: Iran is our top concern
Maj.-Gen. Amir Eshel said in rare speech last month that nuclear Iran would trigger arms race in Middle East, and should be addressed strategically before all other conflicts.,7340,L-4185997,00.html

Attack on Iran will be disastrous: Turkey
Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu has urged diplomacy to resolve Western concerns over Iran’s nuclear program, warning that a military strike will result in a “disaster.”

The Lede Blog: Israeli Ad Jokes About Strikes on Iran’s Nuclear Program
An Israeli cable television company has removed an ad from its YouTube channel making light of a possible attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities by Israel.

Analysts differ on whether Israel’s threat of a military strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities is a bluff to spur tougher sanctions, or a real warning. By ramping up its threat to attack Iran’s nuclear development program, Israel appears to have galvanized international attention on an issue it has long sought to bring to the top of the global agenda.,0,3741290.story

Widening Regional Escalation Anticipated After Israeli Attack on Iran, Richard Silverstein
Several interesting developments concerning the simmering war between Israel and Iran.  The  (in Farsi) by the director of an official government think tank that advocates Iranian attacks against Israeli sites.  The author argues that Israel’s sustained attacks within Iran demand a response.  An Israeli TV news report says (in Hebrew) that the Iranian website calls for a “pre-emptive” attack on Israel, and not one that is purely in response to an Israeli first strike.  Though it is reflective of the Israel’s narrow thinking that they would call such an Iranian strike “pre-emptive,” when Israel has already attacked Iran.  One of the specific sites indicated for targeting was Sdot Micha, Israel’s secret missile base and home of its Jericho intercontinental missile arsenal.

Would US back Israeli attack on Iran?
US President Barack Obama has stepped up pressure on Iran over its nuclear ambitions by signing an executive order to implement sanctions passed by Congress late last year. Amid speculation that Israel could be preparing a pre-emptive strike against Iranian nuclear facilities, some have wondered whether Washington would also support military action by its ally. But Leon Panetta, the US defense secretary, has said that attacking Iran would be “a conflict that we would regret”, only serving to delay Iran’s abilities to develop nuclear weapons, making the US a target for Iranian retribution and having dire economic consequences for the US and Europe. Al Jazeera’s Patty Culhane reports from Washington.


Iraq’s al-Qaida claims 2 deadly attacks on Shiites (AP)
AP – An al-Qaida front group in Iraq has claimed responsibility for the two deadliest attacks on Shiites since the U.S. military completed its withdrawal last month, underlining an escalating sectarian security and political crisis that threatens to drive the country toward civil war.*

Iraq’s Sunni-backed ministers return to Cabinet (AP)
AP – Ministers from Iraq’s Sunni-backed bloc ended their boycott of the Cabinet on Tuesday, a move that could restore some stability to the war-ravaged nation that has been mired in a security and political crisis since the U.S. completed its military withdrawal from the country.*


The Lede Blog: Activist’s Videos Tell of Syrian Carnage
An activist has posted a series of videos shedding light on the destructive force of the Syrian government’s military crackdown in Homs.

US closes embassy in Syria
The Obama administration has closed the US Embassy in Damascus and pulled all American diplomats out of Syria.

Syrian forces continue assault on Homs
Syrian forces pounded Homs on Monday, reportedly killing dozens, while an explosion hit the main oil pipeline fueling the restive city, opposition activists said. The explosion, the second in a week at the key pipeline which carries crude oil from the eastern Rumaila field, occurred in the district of Bab Amro, an opposition stronghold under heavy tank and mortar bombardment by President Bashar Assad’s forces, residents and activists said.

Seven Hours in Hama
“That is it! We cannot wait anymore. We are going to Hama, this morning.” My mother stood facing both of us, my twin and I, helpless and without words. It was Tuesday 16 March, two weeks after Hafez al-Assad reopened the sealed city of Hama after he massacred around forty thousand people in February 1982. My mother had vetoed our decision to travel there several times before, and we had yielded to her wishes, but not today. Hama was our childhood city that we used to visit almost monthly after the family moved to Damascus so we may attend college. We felt the mourning city calling to us. When you feel something so powerful, you have to answer.

Theater at the UN Security Council, Asad AbuKhalil
It was quite a show at the UN Security Council this weekend. Susan Rice of the US could not believe that the veto was used in that august body. How could the veto be used to abort the will of the international community? Her country has sixty vetoes in support of Israeli war crimes.


Saleh target of shoe-attack in incident reminiscent of Bush in 2008
Ali Abdullah Saleh was greeted by groups of protestors as he left and returned to his hotel in New York Sunday. As Saleh came out of the Ritz-Carlton on Central Park South in New York a group of two dozen Yemeni Americans was protesting against his presence in the United States.


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The settlers will have to be defeated economically. Israel will have to be sanctioned.

I hope these settler-terrorists keep it up and continue to show their true face to the world … they are so insufferably arrogant and zealous that they resist the instinct to finesse and message and instead lash out like the animals that they are now that they think they’ve won and can commit any and all atrocity upon those who are not settler-extremists … their ugliness will be exposed far and wide and they will… Read more »

Dog Bites Man. Not newsworthy..

If “man” “bites” “dog” (with mouth full of rabies vaccine and Valium).

Big story. Immunization programme makes “dog” and “man” friends….



Reverse doG bites tribe. Tribe becomes holy. And treat all other tribes like dogs.

(‘Death to Christians’ ‘Death to Arabs’ ‘Mohammad is a pig’)



Death to Christians?

What? No death to Jesus? Or Elvis? Or Mohammad?

Only their fans?

“Settlers spray ‘Death to Christians’ on a monastery, ‘Death to Arabs’ on a school and ‘Mohammad is a pig’ on village entrance”

This is the new PR charm offensive to re-brand Israel, is it?

Screw loose peasant trash. They act all brave because they have nobody to answer to.