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Voices of the Thousand: Mondoweiss authors tell why they write for us

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Mondoweiss has been delivering independent news and commentary on developments in Palestine for almost twelve years. The site began by publishing one person’s thoughts—Phil Weiss’s challenges to conventional wisdom about the Middle East. Today, more than a thousand people have published their ideas and information about Palestine/Israel via Mondoweiss.

And now, we are seeking your help to keep Mondoweiss thriving. A few visionary donors have pledged $60,000 toward our journalism, but they set a condition: you and others must donate $100,000 in gifts by Dec. 31. To inspire you, we will be sharing comments over the next few weeks from some of the Thousand Voices for Truth—the people who have contributed news, insights, humor and images for all those who, like you, want to know what is really going on.

Today, we’re highlighting the perspective of four Mondoweiss writers on the deficits of mainstream media in providing the news you need—and how they cherish Mondoweiss for making up those deficits.

Bob Lord:
A former U.S. Congressional candidate and associate fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies, Bob is a blogger and lawyer in Arizona who pays close attention to a broad range of news source, print and online. Bob says: “Mainstream media coverage falls especially short when it comes to Israel-Palestine. If you want the full picture, Mondoweiss is critical.”

Mersiha Gadzo:
Mersiha is a multimedia journalist currently working in Gaza and the West Bank. Her reporting has been published worldwide in print and electronically, and broadcast on television, radio and online. Besides Mondoweiss, outlets that have benefited from Mersiha’s talents include Al Jazeera, AJ+, CBC News Network, Deutsche Welle and Middle East Eye.

Two of Mersiha’s recent contributions to Mondoweiss are a photo essay on the struggle of Palestinians to get access to the Al Aqsa mosque and a report on Israel’s forcible transfer of Palestinian residents out of Jerusalem.

Mersiha says: “In the Western mainstream media, the truth about what is happening in Palestine is often distorted and the masses are left unaware of the reality. I’m thankful for Mondoweiss because it allows me to write important stories on the ground in Palestine that would otherwise be swept under the rug by the Western mainstream press.”

If you, like me, have learned from Mersiha’s journalistic contributions, please donate now to help us keep publishing her work and other valuable articles. Without your contribution, Mondoweiss can’t keep informing the world.

Jonathan Ofir:
Jonathan is a Jewish-Israeli professional musician who has chosen to live in Denmark, and provides extensive coverage of the Hebrew-language Israeli media for Mondoweiss. Recent articles by Jonathan include reports on Israel’s accelerated deportation of African refugees and an ostensibly leftist Israeli general who threatened to “tear the Palestinians apart.”

Jonathan says: “Especially in the U.S., corporate media is wary of offending the Israel-supportive establishment. Mondoweiss shares the perspectives that are ignored or suppressed—the hundreds of stories of daily Palestinian suffering under a brutal Israeli military oppression. My first contribution to Mondoweiss was two years ago, and I am grateful as well as proud to have contributed over 100 articles since then.”

I’m proud that Mondoweiss shares Jonathan’s insights with the many readers who don’t have the time or language skills to review the Israeli press. Please give today to keep this kind of sophisticated analysis coming.

I’ll close this message by quoting historian Tom Suarez, whose most recent book is State of Terror: How Terrorism Created Modern Israel. Tom has written in Mondoweiss about pernicious efforts to silence and discredit not only Tom himself but many others questioning the myths Zionists have propagated for generations.

Tom writes, “Individually, we do what we can to make hairline cracks in the Orwellian bubble of the mainstream media. Mondoweiss has taken a sledgehammer to it.”

We are honored that Mondoweiss is a channel for Bob, Mersiha, Jonathan and Tom in their work to inform and mobilize the public around the globe. And we are proud that four donors have created a Challenge Fund as a vote of confidence in Mondoweiss, and a means of strengthening our efforts in the year to come. Our Challenge donors recognize the importance of A Thousand Voices for Truth. Please add your voice today by investing at any level to join in delivering the quality of news Palestine needs—and deserves.

Tova Perlmutter

Tova Perlmutter is Mondoweiss’s Director of Development and Outreach, Tova’s responsibility is to increase income, but also to help connect the members of our community in useful and rewarding ways.

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9 Responses

  1. eljay on December 16, 2017, 11:56 am

    Donation made. Many thanks to MW owners, staff and contributing writers. All the best in 2018! :-)

    • Generalist on December 16, 2017, 12:09 pm

      Thank you so much, eljay! We are grateful for your support and dedication.

  2. Maghlawatan on December 17, 2017, 1:13 pm

    “She was at that crucial age when a woman begins to regret having stayed faithful to a husband she never really loved, when the glowing sunset colors of her beauty offer her one last, urgent choice between maternal and feminine love. At such a moment a life that seemed to have chosen its course long ago is questioned once again, for the last time the magic compass needle of the will hovers between final resignation and the hope of erotic experience.”

    Stefan Zweig, The Burning Secret and other stories

    Mondoweiss is for all those Jewish ladies married to Zionism. It is not too late.

  3. Eva Smagacz on December 18, 2017, 5:55 am


    While doing so, may I expressed my sadness that Mondoweiss moderates ( and it was not doing so at the beginning) discussion of Jewish lives in Europe.

    It is not possible to understand Zionism while not allowing to discuss its roots.

    While I understand the fear that even discussing the matter may lead to accusation against Mondoweiss that it justifies pre-war anti-semitism ( as opposed to understanding frictions of multicultural societies), I believe covering it is vital for integrity of its journalism. 66/75

    • Mooser on December 18, 2017, 2:09 pm


      So, you’re running 88%. Good work “Eva”!

      • Eva Smagacz on December 18, 2017, 6:13 pm


        My good result is largely due to self–consorship in the restricted areas.

        Not sure it is something worth celebrating, and I bet my last dollar it was not the initial vision for Mondoweiss that Phil started with, especially taking to account that he was pushed out from MSM for wishing to engage in difficult subjects. 67/76

        I think I would be much less peeved off if the matter was stated as a policy, clear and above board. 67/76

      • annie on December 18, 2017, 7:38 pm

        eva, you currently have 2 comments marked “59/67” on the first page of your archives. there are some other inconsistencies w/your number system.

      • Mooser on December 19, 2017, 11:11 am


        If you don’t mind, I round off to the nearest whole percentage.

  4. Eva Smagacz on December 20, 2017, 2:19 pm

    I know Annie, it’s not perfect 68/77

    But to return to the topic: I truly believe that Mondoweiss is a once a generation phenomenon, similar to that of Dreyfus Affair, and Emily Zola’s letter “j’accuse”.

    I think they will both be on the school curriculum of my great grandchildren.

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