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Video: What would we do without Mondoweiss?

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I was delighted when Mondoweiss asked me to share a few words about why I cherish the site. For many years now, I’ve been reading the site and writing for it, and I hate to imagine where our movement would be without it.

As I said in the video below: Mondoweiss is a treasure. Mondoweiss has guts, journalistic courage, and magnificent range.

Please watch the video (it’s less than two minutes!) to check out comments from our community, as well as some of the fantastic images Mondoweiss has published showing the facts on the ground. I hope you’ll watch, share and donate to support the continuation of this work until justice is achieved.

Our movement is gaining strength and momentum, as evidenced by the increase in the ferocity and aggressiveness of the reaction, as well as the wind we feel from the last gasps of “liberal Zionism.”

Today we need the voice of Mondoweiss, so much in the spirit of the Letter from Birmingham Jail.

What would we do without Mondoweiss? Please join me in supporting the work.

Yours for justice in our time,

Mark Braverman
Program Director, Kairos USA

P.S. The Mondoweiss team asks me to pass along their thanks if you have already contributed this month. If you haven’t, remember they are working to match a challenge, which will provide an additional $60,000 if $100,000 is given by Dec. 31.  As of now, they need about $27,000 more to get the challenge funds. Please add your voice to the thousand, and donate today to sustain and grow journalism for justice in Palestine.