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Join me in supporting strong leadership working for justice in Palestine

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When I learned a couple weeks ago that Mondoweiss will be going through a change in leadership, I was eager to express my respect for the person who is leaving—Tova, their Executive Director—and also to offer my support in any way possible for the organization’s transition to its next era.

I’ve contributed to Mondoweiss, both writing and financial support, for many years. I cherish what the site provides, and rely on it for accurate reporting and smart analysis. I’m grateful that this team has gone from strength to strength, and that they are continuing to innovate and deliver even in the face of global crisis.

You and I have a great opportunity today. Mondoweiss has been offered a challenge: they can collect $20,000 in funds for this transition if we step up with others and collectively contribute $10,000 by the end of the day today.

For me, this is an important chance to take action while I’m stuck at home. I will donate to meet this challenge, and my gift is a tribute to the work I’ve watched Tova do for Mondoweiss over the past five years. Please join me in saluting a warm, dedicated leader who has given so much to this movement.

I’m not the only one who wants to recognize our friend. See what others have said about the difference Tova made for Mondoweiss:

“I did not truly understand the meaning of political organizing till Tova and I did our first community gathering five years ago. We sat in a circle. Everyone was called on. Everyone’s point of view was honored. A spirit of activist commitment and grassroots democracy pervaded the room. Eyewitnesses from Palestine got to hold the floor longer than others. Tova kept it moving, wasn’t afraid to interrupt the occasional nudnik, and seized on insights the others had offered when it was her turn to speak at the end. A master class in organizing—and the many beneficiaries who make up a global community.”

— Phil Weiss, Mondoweiss Founder and Senior Editor

“I could write about Tova’s impact on Mondoweiss, which I am sure will be very long-lasting, and for which, both as a reader of, and contributor to the site, I am extremely grateful. She has been instrumental to the growth of the website when that was most needed, while skillfully steering it towards well-deserved greater visibility. (Seriously, please donate). Instead, I’ll divulge some personal tidbits: Tova is the friend with whom I discussed ‘Norsemen’ and ‘Sorry to Bother You.’ And she is my absolute favorite kind of woman: a grammar nerd!”

— Nada Elia, Mondoweiss Contributing Writer, scholar and activist, member of the steering collective of the US Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (USACBI)

“I always appreciated that Tova speaks so lovingly about the Mondoweiss community as part of a larger movement for justice and that she really underscores the responsibilities that come with being part of that movement.”

— Donna Nevel, Co-Founder, Jews Against Anti-Muslim Racism

As someone who has watched activists and organizations learn and grow over decades, I am confident that the same good sense that led Mondoweiss to Tova will help them find another leader to do great work.

I’m so confident, that I’m investing today to help them make that transition. Won’t you join me? Whatever we give by the end of the day today will trigger a 2:1 match, up to $20,000. Please donate now to help Mondoweiss keep delivering the news we need to liberate Palestine.

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Donation made.  :-)